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The new Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​shown today

Xiaomi delivered more products yesterday than some companies show in a year. But the “mega release” is not over yet, because today it goes to the second round. The second part in Siomi continues after 1:30 p.m.

Today we will look at the new Xiaomi Mi Mix, among other things. However, some people were surprised yesterday that it was not shown Siomi has already officially confirmed it. This no longer applies to the three-hour event.


A Xiaomi electric car?

Siomi also insisted that we learn in advance something that cannot be talked about in teasers. Will the plan for the electric car be presented today? According to Reuters Should it happen this week.

Anyway, it shouldn’t be boring, but I hope this event doesn’t last more than two hours again today. We will definitely give you all the amazing details. The new Xiaomi Mi Mix in particular is sure to be of interest to many.


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