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The new Nintendo Switch game leaked out everywhere

The new Nintendo Switch game leaked out everywhere

A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has been leaked out of nowhere, courtesy of the Game Rating Board outside of Taiwan. The Evaluation Board A ton of important details about the game have not been released, but it reveals its title, Coats Will Fall, Is an action game with a dark-fantasy theme provided by Deep Silver, owned by Koch Media. Also, the rating refers to the web domains for the game, which are pre-August 2019, but currently, these websites are not live.

Unfortunately, this is where the details end. Nothing is mentioned about any additional sites, which suggests that the third-party switch is exclusive, although it is rare. Meanwhile, there is no mention of the release date or release window, however, if the game has already been submitted for rating, it means that a release is not incredibly far away, or at least it is regular, although the games are often rated elsewhere in Taiwan though.

If you have a regular pattern, that means Coats Will Fall Occasionally released in 2021, it is now only rated Switch, which is more likely than not to be released on multiple platforms because Deep Silver – in general – only hikes on multi-platform games.

At the time of the release, neither party – the Appraisal Board, Deep Silver, Koch Media or Nintendo – had commented on the leak and were unlikely to comment. However, if they do, we will update the story with everything provided.

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