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The mysterious object emits radio waves from the center of the galaxy

The mysterious object emits radio waves from the center of the galaxy

Astronomers have discovered unusual radio signals from the center of the Milky Way. To date, no galaxy radio emission model can explain the origin and nature of these waves, which appear and disappear from time to time. According to the researchers, this may suggest a new type of stellar object or a different behavior of a known object type.

The point identified as the source of the eruption was named ASKAP J173608.2-321635, nicknamed “Andy’s Material” by Jideng Wang of the University of Sydney (Australia), who was the team’s research wave to discover this radio source.

Wang and his colleagues watched six shows in 2020 using the Australian Square kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio telescope. They then made further observations with the Mircot Radio Telescope in South Africa, which is very sensitive. Details were published in the press today Journal of Astronomy.

Unknown and mysterious object?

For a few weeks the researchers found that the substance was occasionally “activated”, but in most cases remained inactive. When it was finally reactivated in February of this year, several months after the initial detection, they pointed to some of the most powerful non-radio telescopes we have. Conclusion: Nothing, nothing …

We looked at every possible wavelength, from infrared to X-rays to optics, and we saw nothing. So it does not correspond to a type of star that we understand Says David Kaplan of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, who was part of the research team.

Top panels: Images obtained by ASKAP of ASKAP object J173608.2-321635. The “off” image (April 28, 2019) is visible on panel (a), while the “on” image (active object) is on panel (b), dated January 11, 2020. Bottom panels: Images of ASKAP J173608. Retrieved by Mirkot. Group (d): “Off” film (January 19, 2021). Group (c): “On” film (February 7, 2021). It Jideng Wang et al.

The fact that it is not visible at other wavelengths has rejected many possible explanations for this object, including ordinary stars and magnets. Neutrons With strong magnetic fields.

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Whatever the nature of Andy’s object, the polarity of the radio waves he emits indicates that he probably has a strong magnetic field. During eruptions, its brightness varies by up to 100 factors, and these eruptions fade unusually quickly (sometimes in a single day). This indicates that the object is small.

However, no known astronomical object has revealed all of these properties. ” This is an interesting subject, which we tried to explain all our efforts “, Kaplan announces.” It may be part of a known object, which is a bizarre example, but it pushes the boundaries of how we think these classes behave. .

Or a known object with different behavior?

We tried to observe it with the Meerkat radio telescope, which is highly sensitive in South Africa. Since the signal was uninterrupted, we watched for 15 minutes each week, hoping to see him again. Says Tara Murphy, a professor at the University of Sydney Institute of Astronomy. ” Luckily the signal returned, but we found that the behavior of the source was drastically different – the evidence was gone overnight, while it lasted several weeks in our previous ASKAP shots. “However, this new observation does not reveal much about the secrets of this unstable radio source.

The information we have has some parallels with another growing class of mysterious objects called ‘Galaxy Center Radio Transients’. (GCRT, Galactic Center for Radio Transients), Including the nickname ‘Cosmic Burger’ “, Kaplan announces.” Although our new material, ASKAP J173608.2-321635, shares some properties with GCRTs, there are also differences. We don’t really understand this evidence, so it adds to the mystery .

Astronomers are now planning a closer look at the object, hoping to find more clues about its nature. ” Over the next decade, the Square Kilometers (SKA) submarine radio telescope will be operational. He can create detailed celestial maps every day Says Murphy. ” We hope that the power of this telescope will help solve mysteries like this latest discovery, but it will also open up vast areas of the universe for study in the radio spectrum. .

Source: Journal of Astronomy
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