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The mother gets her own pop-up stores in Japan

The mother gets her own pop-up stores in Japan

We are waiting for your return Mom Video game series, the Hoponichi Mother Project fills all kinds of goodies.

To prevent that, it has now been announced that it will temporarily open two store displays in Japan to sell Thai businesses. The first store in Osaka will open later this month on November 19th and will operate until December 6th. It will then travel to Tokyo, where its doors will be open from December 14 to 27.

Some of the highlights inside the store will be a display Mom is not the Cotoba script book And a giant Mr. Saturn Silk – Largest on record. The store will sell all sorts of products that will be revealed throughout 2020, including the Franklin badge, bell charm and small glitter of notable characters.

While it may not be associated with a new game or re-release, it is gratifying to know that this series is not completely forgotten.

In fact, next week, when Nintendo reveals, it will localize the original Fomicom version Fire symbol, Thai3 Began to become popular on social media.

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Are you interested in Hoponicci’s mother Merch? Want a Thai game on the switch? Tell me below.

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