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The most successful console of all time coming soon?

The Nintendo Switch has been well-received from the start and the demand for the console has not diminished over the years. On the contrary, thanks to global epidemics and animal migration The console peaked last year. As expected, the fourth quarter of 2020 is a complete highlight.

Nintendo Switch Celebrates Record Quarter

Nintendo was able to sell 11.57 million units of switch and switch light, so many units Nintendo had never sold before. Many consoles are coming to an end after almost four years, but the switch is now becoming Nintendo’s best seller. It replaced the Nintendo 3DS.


In total, Nintendo sold 79.87 million units of the Switch. This means that the Nintendo Switch is on track to replace the Wii (with about 100 million units). If that happens, it will overtake the PlayStation, and I think the PlayStation 4 with 113 million units is very realistic.

In the last quarter of the current fiscal year (ending in April) and Nintendo raises its forecast Large array And New version of the switch For the upcoming business year. If the exaggeration continues, I can now imagine catching up with the PlayStation 2 (150 million).

Wee was a huge success, followed by a major setback with Wei U selling less than 14 million units. Almost as many switch units have been sold during the Christmas season as there are Wii U owners. Nintendo would not have expected such a success.


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