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The ministry frees the municipality

The ministry frees the municipality

News has arrived in Upoldo for a lawsuit involving Roberto Libari and Stricia renting property to Carbineeri. “The house has been rented out by the municipality since 2003 and the military is abusing it for all purposes and purposes. The last contract expires on October 31, 2019, because they will no longer pay the rent. ”

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So Libary Mayor Luigi went on to speak with Clarice: “The municipality cannot pay the rent for a barracks, but the maximum can participate together,” he told Stricia. The ambassador then asks himself who should pay the rent to the privateer: the municipality or the state? The new lease, which began in 2003, does not renew the municipal lease waiting to open. “This is an Italian waste,” says Libari. “We have been in touch with the Ministry of the Interior, which states that since the contract is personal in nature, there is no possibility of even partial payment by the state.”

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