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The magic ends in the web

The magic ends in the web

Shocked customers and workers. But the decision coming from Burbank is final. Disney stores are closing and the company is focusing on online sales.

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Stopping a process is not a normal process. Although managers may have their own financial reasons, business is first and foremost a mechanism created by people who deliver their profession so that the gear always works properly. Guaranteed for its success and, indirectly, the family well-being that comes from pay. In practice, everything works well for the benefit of all. But it’s not just that. The identity of a store, especially if it has a big name, identifies the task it is proposing. And the contribution of the people also comes from the customers.

For this reason, the massive closure of Disney Stores leaves us speechless. Because everything is in the process determined by Burbank: the choice of marketing, the end of the work of the staff (relocated at the last moment), in its own way the historical and above all the direct connection between humans and dreams. Yes why Not everything can be reduced to a mere purchase transaction. Disney’s mystery can always be imagined, providing a visual connection between the public and the works of the free mind. Selected online sales by the company for the future are yet to be offered.

Disney Store, Everything Gone: The Magic Goes Online

For the sake of heaven, reasonable choice. Online trading reaches everyone, perhaps increases sales opportunities and bridges the gap between seller and customer. But here’s the problem. Disney, perhaps, does not need it. Disney Store In some ways, Bring the fairy tale of fantasy and the more earthly world Within reach of everyone. Kids, of course, but adults. See with your eyes, touch with your hand, breathe in a parallel universe for a few minutes, made with joy and light heart. Almost necessary even without purchases. Who knows, maybe the choice should be read in this sense: drop the love side of Walt’s dream to improve the business aspect of the matter. Furthermore, the effects of the epidemic on the chain, which was launched in Glendale in 1987, were felt. However, at least as far as Italy is concerned, the unions Make sure the accounts are not in red.

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From Milan to Rome, Naples and beyond. The fifteen-point sale, which lowers the shikers, will be blindfolded for a quarter of an hour with Mickey and his world. The undoubted decision of a company that has already started working in a different direction. Disney + is an example. Streaming is coming, offering the entire package of the Disney universe at a subscription cost and a click away on the remote control. A brilliant move. But the filter is always on the screen and not even celluloid. Just like bringing home your favorite stuffed animal. Without the pleasure of touching it with your hand at first and choosing. After all, as Walt said, “If you can dream, you can do it”. Also, it is not identical to the web.