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The M1 chip confirms on the iMac24 according to the first criteria

The M1 chip confirms on the iMac24 according to the first criteria

The Premiers benchmarks The iMac 24 “has been released, they are predictable and exciting. IPod Pro coming soon. Exciting, because the results confirm a real leap from the Intel iMac 21.

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24 “iMac”‘s Geekbench 5 scores are similar to other M1 devices: about 1,730 points on the single core and 7,500 points on the multi-core. In comparison, the old high-end iMac 21 “(six-core Core i7) 3.8 GHz -8700 had only 1,109 points on the single core and 6,014 points on the multi-core. More powerful.

If we continue the game of comparisons, the iMac 24 is “ahead of the high-end iMac 27 in single-center” (which is about 1,200 points) but lags behind the multi-core (about 9,000 points). This is not surprising or disappointing: like the MacBook Air M1, which is not intended to replace the 16 “Intel MacBook Pro, the iMac 24” M1 is intended for the general public only. There is more for users looking for Intel 27 “iMac power … until it is replaced New all-in-one with supercharged Apple chip.

These initial figures from the iMac M1 do not tell the whole story. In particular, the system should check whether the system is running at full speed for a longer period of time, or longer, thanking its two small fans. But there is no need to worry about overall performance… These criteria were often carried out by the first journalists who could test the machine. The release is scheduled for May 21, but if you haven’t yet Booking, It is necessary to wait until the beginning of June in the Apple Store.

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