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The Lost of S2 is a mod playing with Joel instead of Ellie - Nert 4. Life makes it possible

The Lost of S2 is a mod playing with Joel instead of Ellie – Nert 4. Life makes it possible

Our last 2 You can play using Joel For most events, Instead of Ellie With the loving character in question, it is very bad that everything is possible only by one person Mod.

As shown youtuber Smasher248 In the video below, a lengthy expansion process leads to specific mod construction and expansion. Unfortunately, console mode viewing is simple and not open to everyone, which is why this change is possible Limited Smasher 248 and some more.

However, we can see the results: it is clearly one Forcing, In fact it replaced Ellie’s model with Joel, but without changing the contents of the game, so the story and the cutscenes may seem strange, but for those who like the character in question it can be a pleasure anyway.

For now, with the change Joel will be able to play in a variety of positions, such as East Brook Elementary and other parts of the first day in Seattle, with plenty of opportunities Change the look Characterization between different choices. Among them, there is also a younger Joel, according to his appearance from the first The Last of S.

The problem is, a Model Modification, Above all continue some of the flaws associated with animations, which are calculated in Ellie’s model and have a somewhat strange effect, because the movements are female movements, which are no different from Joel’s movements.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the naughty dog ​​is looking for an economical designer for a live service game, and many think it is The Lost of S2’s multiplayer mode.