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The lossless feature causes error with Apple Music

The lossless feature causes error with Apple Music

Apple Music has a problem with the relatively new lossless feature that can play music without losing quality. Not all users are affected, but in many cases one song stops after 15 seconds and then the next song follows, this error persists.

Apple Music seamless function with error

In early June, the so-called lossless functionality for the Apple Music service. Lossless means lossless – quality lossless music that can be heard compared to the original is played at a particularly high quality. Apple is currently expanding its capabilities with lossless songs – by the end of this year all parts of the offer will be available as lossless versions. According to Golem, there was an error when using this feature. If the lossless function is activated, all songs will stop after 15 seconds. You go to the next song in the playlist, and that too has a problem. In this case, Apple recommends disabling the function and restarting it. Another tip is to log out of the account and sign in again. However, some users report that this does not help, at least not permanently.

It does not matter if the music is already available offline or streaming from the Internet. The problem is caused by a variety of playback options, either through an application on the iPhone or iPod, and with speakers compatible with Apple Music or AirPlay. On the other hand, since many users do not have this problem, what exactly it is is still a mystery. The bug in a program queue that got into the necessary updates at the lossless startup at Apple Music is imaginary – but this is obviously not the only bug to make with the iPhone app.

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