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The “Legend of Zelda” movie adaptation was canceled after the leak

Six years ago Announced The Wall Street Journal wants to get a live version of Netflix’s video game series “The Legend of Zelda”. After a long period of silence about the project, which was never officially announced, an insider announced that it had been completely canceled due to a leak.

The plans were canceled after press reports

In one Interview With the YouTube channel “The Surf Times”, comedian Adam Conover explained that Nintendo had canceled the live-action adaptation because Netflix had previously announced the plans to the press:

“Suddenly reports came in a few months later … Netflix is ​​no longer doing The Legend of Zelda series. ‘What Happened?’ I thought, ‘Then I asked my boss if we’re going to make Starfox anymore.’ I thought it’s weird.

According to Konover, the unannounced “Star Fox” project was canceled after the Netflix leak. It is said to have been a stop-motion series similar to “The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox” in the style of Clay Animation. Other projects are also said to be affected.

Netflix’s goal of adapting “The Legend of Zelda” has been described as a “game of drones” for the whole family. When the reports came in, video game developer Nintendo only commented that “there is no opinion on rumors or speculation.”


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