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The Last of Us Part I is highlighted in a 10-minute video - News

The Last of Us Part I is highlighted in a 10-minute video – News

Like its title, it joins its sequel released in 2020, The Last of Us Part I Its successor is driven by the simple idea of ​​being pleasing to the eye. Contrary to some assumptions, let’s say right now, this is not the case The Last of Us Part I Gets the dynamics that appear The Last of Us Part II (crawling, tricking) and the structure of the levels remains the same beyond the artistic evolution of the decorations.

Visually, however, there is no doubt that Naughty Dog 2013 has made the game a worthy tableau for the PS5, which is especially reflected by the current traditional selection method (reliability for 4K, performance for 60 frames per second) or characters. whose Glowing Especially evident during cutscenes. Cinemas that are now in real-time weren’t like that in the first place, so we should be entitled to smooth transitions between them. Cut scene And this game.

According to director Matthew Gallant and creative director Shawn Eskake, The Last of Us Part I A better adversary based on that also benefits from artificial intelligence The Last of Us Part II, but the same goes for the guys’ behavior during action and stealth scenes. There is also talk of more flexible and realistic animations (Operational suitability) without knowing if this translates to a difference between the controller and the hand.

In accordance with new standards specifically set by his successor, The Last of Us Part I Sixty also gets accessibility options, this time going as far as adding audio description during cutscenes, and not forgetting the features of the DualSense controller or the displacement of sound. New unlockable cosmetics, methods Penetration And speed flow The hair will also get itchy. The Last of Us Part I Available September 2nd on PS5 and no date yet on PC.

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