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The largest comet ever seen is heading towards our solar system

The largest comet ever seen is heading towards our solar system

An astronomical object with unusual dimensions was recently discovered by American astronomers. This body, named Bernardinelli-Bernstein, was named after two Scientists, Officially recognized comet On June 23, a week after the sighting. The site claims that this object may be the largest object ever seen in modern history. Location.

Element C / 2014, also known as UN 271, is ten times larger and 1,000 times larger than the average comet. Scientists estimate that it is 100 to 200 kilometers in diameter. Experts have found it difficult to make accurate estimates because it is still far from Earth.

Visible with very powerful tools

To calculate its magnitude, astronomers had to rely on the amount of sunlight it reflected. However, this object should approach our planet and be very close by 2031. However, it is 11 astronomical units or about 1.65 billion kilometers away from the Blue Planet. Despite being as close as possible to Earth, the comet is only visible by particularly powerful instruments.

In addition to its size and trajectory, C / 2014 UN 271 stands out from the rest due to the rarity of its appearance in our inner solar system. Its last passage was three million years ago, when our planet, populated by astrolopithecines, was among others. The comet was born in the Ort cloud, 40,000 astronomical units சோலைல்.

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Never before has a body been seen coming towards the earth. Scientists hope to learn a lot from the study of this celestial body, especially when it comes to the movements of massive celestial bodies and planets.