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The Korean Age Assessment recommends the PS4 release

The Korean Age Assessment recommends the PS4 release

It looks like the hit “Hades” will also be released for the PlayStation 4. This is indicated by South Korea’s age estimate, which recently assessed the title of Action-Acute Rogue.

PlayStation players can look forward to another successful title. Important clues can be found on the website of the Korea Sports Evaluation and Board. It is South Korea’s rival to the USK, which is also responsible for the age rating of video games.

On April 30, one was described in more detail Age assessment Presented for the PS4 version of “Hades”. Obviously, take-to-interactive is behind this project. If the release for the PS4 is officially confirmed, expect the most popular action title later this year.

“Hates” was released on September 17th last year for PC and Nintendo Switch after the initial access version was issued in December 2018.

The biggest hit

The action-packed Rogue-like dungeon crawler was celebrated by the press and fans, and can boast a 93-point metascore. Above all, the compelling plot, believable characters, but inspiring quest design were appreciated. The Roguelike policy was also excellently implemented. With “Hats”, the developers in SuperGiant Games have presented their best works and incorporated the strengths of previous titles into one game.

Go to the underworld of Greek mythology in “Hades”. You release Olympus’ glorious weapons from the clutches of the underworld named God. You get stronger with each failure and learn more about history. The whole game environment changes as the genre generalizes. On your journey you will meet many Olympic gods such as Zeus, Athena or Poseidon.

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Choose from thousands of character configurations with a variety of abilities to be tested in battle. The atmosphere of the game is provided not only by the plot and its characters, but also by the successful soundtrack.

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