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The Joker virus infects more than 500,000 Hawaiian smartphones through a Chinese manufacturer's app store

The Joker virus infects more than 500,000 Hawaiian smartphones through a Chinese manufacturer’s app store

More than 500,000 Hawaii smartphones affected by malware – Kigo

Joker malware Not talking about him. After many victims claimed ownership through the Play Store and disappeared into innocent apps, the malware is now spreading through the App Store
Huawei, AppGallery. It could have affected more than 500,000 smartphones from Chinese manufacturers.

These are not diminished 10 apps with the Joker The app ended up in the gallery, bypassing the store’s security checks. These innocent-looking applications require extensive permissions when installed, and must have some control over them.
Smartphones They were established.

Thanks to these extensive permissions, infected files can be linked to a remote server to download additional files. They can intercept SMS notifications and access their content to retrieve identifiers, for example, or the identification verification codes of a particular service. By intercepting text messages, the malware avoids arousing the suspicion of its victims.

Online banking data

teachers Malware Joker Aimed at making money. This is why they will try to get the victims to subscribe to the payment services they control, but they can also try to recover the bank details of the victims and empty their account.

More than 500,000 Huawei smartphones affected by malware – Geeko

Here is a list of fraudulent applications:

  • Super Keyboard (com.nova.superkeyboard)
  • Off color (com.colour.syuhgbvcff)
  • Funny color (com.funcolor.toucheffects)
  • New Keyboard 2021 (com.newyear.onekeyboard)
  • Camera MX (com.sdkfj.uhbnji.dsfeff)
  • Camera BeautyPlus (
  • Color Rolling Icon (com.hwcolor.jinbao.rollicon)
  • Funny Memo Emoji (
  • Off Tapping (com.tap.tap.duedd)
  • Messenger All-in-One (com.messenger.sjdoifo)

If you have downloaded any of these apps on your smartphone, delete it quickly. Remember to enable antivirus to check that your smartphone is not infected with malware. Also, don’t forget to use apps from well-known developers and publishers.



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