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The helicopter then departs for Mars

The helicopter then departs for Mars

Washington. Due to technical problems, the US space agency NASA postponed the first helicopter flight to another planet. NASA tweeted on Saturday (local time) that the tiny helicopter “Intelligence” that landed on Mars’ rover “Perseverance” in February will now depart quickly on April 14th. Previously, April 11 was given as the opening date. The helicopter is set to open the age of the plane on the red planet.

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Initially aimed at a height of 3 meters

The high-speed test of the rotors was canceled on Friday due to problems with adding the aircraft system to aircraft mode, NASA said. The helicopter is secure and transmits sound and data. The helicopter team is testing the readings to diagnose and understand the problem. The high-speed test is then repeated.

An example is the mini helicopter “ingenuity” on Mars. © dpa

The 1.8-kilogram “ingenuity” (German: பு முதல் முதல் முதல் முதல்) is about to rise to an altitude of about three meters on its first test flight, orbit for thirty seconds and land on the surface of Mars again. This will be the first flight of an aircraft on another planet. The “ingenuity” of lithium-ion batteries could make several more flight attempts in a month.

The helicopter must withstand extreme conditions: Mars will be cold at night up to minus 90 degrees Celsius, the planet’s gravitational pull will be low and the atmosphere will be very thin. dpa

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