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The heat wave plan is valid until September 15th

The heat wave plan is valid until September 15th

Facing the last episode of the heat wave and the more frequent follow-up events, Town Hall communicates:

“Register at the Municipal Heat Wave Register. Summer has already arrived, so do not wait to take precautionary measures for yourself and your loved ones! To avoid exceptional weather (or epidemic) risks, Murad City Hall promotes strong identification of the most vulnerable people around you. : 65 years and over; over 60 years of age recognized as unfit for work; and persons with disabilities.

“If the heat wave project is triggered, we encourage every person recorded in the file to contact us daily by phone, to remind us of the recommendations, to ensure that the person is not inconvenienced, to list all those who are weak and isolated, and, more generally, to the Communal Center for Social Action (CCAS) Muretains Isolated and vulnerable to high summer heat Any person should report.

“To proceed with this registration, two solutions have been proposed: Contact CCAS at 05 61 51 90 50 or download the form from the city’s website. In either case, you will need to return the form to CCAS to register with the registry. This” heat wave project “registration will be monitored until September 15. .

“Some suggestions: Avoid going outside during hot weather (11am to 9pm); Keep the dormitory away from heat (air the dormitory at night and / or early in the morning, close windows and shutters during the day, turn on the fans, and avoid raising the temperature of the dormitory by avoiding any activity that could cause heat. Washing, vacuuming, etc.

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