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Cyberpunk 2077 premier DLC gratuit

The first (free) DLC was revealed

Two weeks after the utterly failed release of Cyberbunk 2077, CD Project released a number of plans to capture and store Red furniture. The studio promises big updates to stabilize the game and play it on all media. Free update for the next generation by the end of 2021, and ” Free DLC Shower Throughout this year.

After eight months, the results are very mixed. The big updates have arrived in the spring (when they were scheduled for February and March). The game is not quite right yet, we have no news about the next gen versions expected at the end of the year.

About “DLC Rain”, the CD project has released the first details to come “very soon”.

The first lightweight DLC for Cyberbank 2077


This is through our colleagues at home VGC We have found information about the first free DLC of Cyberbank 2077. For those looking forward to something bigger, with new assignments to stay in Night City, laundry is a must. For this first DLC, CD Project will provide new clothes, new car, new cosmetics and even replacement clothes for J. Silverhand.

To be a little more precise, here is the official description of the new content:

  • Alternative look at Johnny Silverhand – This can be implemented in Settings, in the “Additional Content” tab.
  • Multi-layer synthetic leather deltajack jacket & Glowing Punk Style They are both available at V Apartment Stash after receiving a message from Victor at the end of The Wright. They are inherently rare / tapered quality and will open up craft specifications to create high quality.
  • Archer Quartz “bandit” – Available as a reward or purchase (depending on player’s preference) after completing Ghost Town and receiving a message from Dakota or Rogue. If you do not receive the message, make sure you are in the Badlands area and leave the Dakota workshop. Dakota will also need a few days to contact you.
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Very light content, which may not be enough to bring back players of the game who seem to have left Knight City completely (Especially on PS4 and PS5) However, Miles Toast, a senior level designer on the CD project, confirms that this is “the most important link to date”. The latter goes on to say, “Teams” have put a lot of effort into this, and players need to do this DLC and upcoming ones “nice, icing on the cake”.

Fans can still be sure, CD Project Red has other free (and paid) DLCs in their vault. Also, the studio promises the arrival of extensions to the story mode like The Witcher III’s DLC. But for that, it takes a little more patience.

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