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Download this free African Future Anthology!

Download this free African Future Anthology!

Brittle paper, A literary magazine dedicated to African literature, has recently produced a new collection on the African future edited by Nigerian writer and author Wol Talabi. The best part? Free to download!

Anthology, The African Future: An Anthology, Is a part of Brittle paper10th Anniversary Celebration, and derives its name from the subcategory Created Issued by Nnedi Okorafor. African Futurism, written by Okorofer, is different Afrofuturism It’s science fiction, defined from a non – American central world perspective: “The difference is that the African future is particularly more directly rooted in African culture, history, mythology and perspective, and then it moves into black immigrants, not privilege or center to the West. “

In his introduction, Talabi writes that although he is a fan of science fiction, he has rarely seen Africa or Africans represented in those futures, and afrofuturism does not obscure what he wanted to see. The African future “is now an anchor point, a clear indication of what many African authors are trying to do when writing some kind of science fiction – not just from Africa, but from Africa.”

Accordingly, O.L.

Complete Anthology Free to download in PDF format From Brittle paper ‘Website.

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