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The first definitions attest to a 50 percent increase in performance

The first definitions attest to a 50 percent increase in performance

The new iPad Pro is a performance monster with its M1 chip: by first limits, it crushes its predecessors by 50 percent.

Presented on April 21st New iPod Pro models Apple surprised many because instead of upgrading to the A14 bionic chips, the new iOS tablets MacBooks and iMac 24 have the same processors announced in November 2020. During the April event, the manufacturer promised to increase performance by 50 percent – Apple actually agrees.

The new 12.9-inch iPod Pro with the M1 chip lags far behind the previous model

First orders for the iPod Pros will not reach first owners until May, but Macromars has already found limits on the Geekbench operating system. The results confirm Apple’s claims that the new iPad Pro is 50 percent faster than its predecessors.

According to Geekbench 5 results for the new 12.9-inch iPod Pro M1 chip The device delivers average single and multi-core scores of 1,718 and 7,284 points, respectively. The previous model – the 12.9-inch iPod Pro with the A12Z chip from 2020 – averaged 1,121 and 4,656 points in single and multi-core testing. That means the M1-iPod-Pro is about 56 percent faster.

Benchmark comparison with the Core i9 between the iPod Pro 12.9 and the 16-inch MacBook

The 9to5 Mac used to compare other Geekbench definitions from various Apple devices, which is not really surprising because the best performance of the M1 chip has been known since November. Still, it’s interesting that the iPod Pro leaves Apple’s 16 – inch MacBook Pro with Intel’s Core i9 chip. In addition, the iPod ecosystem is back in order: it is IPod Air 4 with A14 chip (tested), Introduced in September 2020, is now back in terms of performance behind Apple’s best iPad.

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The M1 chip is only the first generation of the manufacturer’s silicon chips for its Mac. Aims to upgrade to the next generation, more powerful MacBook Pros and other Mac models Make Intel’s best processors even older, Which is called[HighlyIncreasestheNumberofAppleCoresAfterEightCoreM1Chip[அழைக்கப்படுகிறதுஎட்டுஉயர்கோர்எம்1சில்லுக்குப்பிறகுஆப்பிள்கோர்களின்எண்ணிக்கையைபெருமளவில்அதிகரிக்கும்என்றுவதந்திஉள்ளதுஇதுநான்குஉயர்செயல்திறன்கொண்டகோர்கள்மற்றும்நான்குஆற்றல்சேமிப்புகோர்களைக்கொண்டுள்ளதுஅடுத்தஆப்பிள்சிலிக்கான்சிப்இதுஎம்1எக்ஸ்என்றுபெயரிடப்படலாம்இது16செயல்திறன்மற்றும்நான்குசெயல்திறன்கோர்களைப்பெறும்

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