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Il Parlamento europeo scarica i catalani. Ecco chi ha votato per gli indipendentisti

The European Parliament is pushing the Catalan people. But there are also those who voted “against the tax.”

Numbers show that at least a hundred MEPs (probably Socialists and Liberals) voted to maintain immunity, despite their respective groups against Puigdemont and other separatists. The signal should not be underestimated

An expected result, but at the same time with some wrong numbers, is a sign of the continual political uncertainty over autonomy issues. So the European Parliament washed its hands of the Catalan issue, accepted Spain’s demand for justice, and rescinded the immunity of the former parliament of three MEPs, former members of the regional council who organized the illegal referendum for Catalonia’s independence in 2017.

The decision was taken by a secret ballot by a majority of the legislature yesterday evening and was contacted in Brussels this morning: according to Carlos Puigdemont, former President of the Catalan Governing Body, with 248 and 45 defections against the Kasamaje 400 MEPs; The council voted 404 in favor of his two colleagues, Anthony Common I-Oliveres and Clara Ponsat Opioles, by 247 votes, and 42 votes in both cases.

In February, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee gave the first green light to three MEPs to be ruled out, with 15 votes in favor, eight against, and two votes against. Elected Spanish representatives of the popular party in the three major European Parliamentary Committees (Ppe, S&D and Liberal Renewal), PSOE and Ciudadanos had the support of their colleagues from other countries, while the only three groups to save the Catalan population were the Left (41 seats) and the Greens (74 seats). And at least one delegation of the Nationalist Group ID (Belgian Flemish). However, at least a hundred other MEPs (probably Socialists and Liberals) voted against the withdrawal immunity. The signal should not be underestimated.

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