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Nintendo Wii

The eShop on Wii and Nintendo DSi has been offline for several days

Surely this is the end of stores for games on the Wii and Nintendo DSi? They have been offline for days and Nintendo has not communicated anything on the matter.

Definitive decision for game stores on Wii and Nintendo DSi?

Players can no longer purchase Wii or DSi games on the eShop, but the virtual store remains accessible to those who have already made purchases and want to download the games in question. This will not be possible from at least March 16 Eurogamer.

On Wii it shows error 209601 and on DSi it shows error 290502. Officially, an error code on the Wii indicates a network problem. The error code on the DSi is similar and indicates an inability to connect to the store due to internet issues. Except in this case, players from multiple regions have no problem accessing the internet.

As a reminder, the store on the Wii no longer allows game purchases From 2019 onwards. The same scenario happened with the DSi in 2017. But as said earlier, players can still download games they have already purchased. As of now, nothing is likely and Nintendo has not officially addressed the ruling.

And then comes the big question: Is this the end for sure? Or a very long maintenance lasting several days? Mystery for now.

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