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"The court, the majority, places all responsibility on the mayor. Leave him alone and face the conflict."

“The court, the majority, places all responsibility on the mayor. Leave him alone and face the conflict.”

“We do not like to be stuck with controversy and exploitation and the facts we want to respond to in that area of ​​the majority. It would have wanted to adjourn the City Council again today to March 3,” he said. In the absence of Menon, the words of the directors of the Menon list follow the request of a section of the majority Palazzo Notary that a single publishing house could be moved to a self-assembled tribunal by the minority.

“Since August 2019 we have been asking the mayor and the majority to put the issue in court – explain the directors of the Menon list – why? Simple, because this is the most important topic for our city!
All political parties spent themselves on the election campaign, with declarations and signatures!
Instead, in these 18 months, we have received some and fragmentary news about what is happening, and above all an accurate statement and comments have not been shared in the City Council, so that everyone can walk in the same direction and protect the existence of the announced tribunal. Unfortunately, we learned from the mayor’s intentions in interviews and news releases over these two years that, even in an interview, the mayor expressed his preference for one site over another, without the slightest comparison. We never want to talk about this topic in the House, and we will always take it for granted that everything is written now and nothing can be done to divert attention, and the times for the mayor have never given the right advice. “.

“At the last committee chairman’s conference, before the arrival of the minister’s technical expert, before March 10, we asked that the monopoly be carried out, but this was denied to us. . For the majority it means treason, instead it is the most secure and participatory mechanism provided by the regulation. We do not want to wait for the end, as stated in the note of the “majority of citizens”, and above all we do not want to wait as helpless and insensitive as has been done so far, because if it is true that everything is determined externally, they looked around the citizens during the election campaign. A responsible technician will come from Rome, so we hope that in today’s assembly, representatives of the majority and the opposition will be able to go with this technician during the trial, give direct testimony and provide assurances that can be guaranteed as soon as possible. The result of mutual interest for the whole citizen, for example, the area of ​​the former police headquarters, may be increased by the neighboring former police area if necessary, which has been abandoned for some time. Postponement of the board after March 10 does not find another important train “.

“We apologize to the mayor for his ill health.. We conclude by saying that it is very sad and embarrassing that a city of 50,000 people, a church, a city with responsible councilors and a well-fed majority should be embarrassed in dealing with this issue. The mayor should be given the opportunity to continue quietly spending days in proper rest, in order to guarantee a return to full health, as he is recovering from the inconvenience., Instead, the mayor confronted himself only in appropriate places in certain circumstances, and in fact placed all responsibility on him, instead seeking alibis by making sure that he did not take the majority burdens and cores.

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