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The car simulation game signifies the return of the Gran Turismo hats

The car simulation game signifies the return of the Gran Turismo hats

This is one of the most anticipated games of the year, marking the return of one of the most popular car simulation licenses: the Gran Turismo 7 goes on sale this Friday. Created by Polyphony Digital, this eighth installment is designed to return to the “classic” formula, following the Gran Turismo Sport’s focus in 2017 on multiplayer that deceived fans.

As in the first episodes, to open the fastest cars on the planet after a few hours of play, players have to make their limits on the base cars. It can be boring for beginners somewhat slower, but it does allow it to be at least full. Continuity Satisfaction: Racing at full speed in detailed vehicles. In total, 424 cars (from Ferrari to Porsche, via Toyota) and 34 rounds are offered to players.

Ocon invested in development

The GT7 was generally praised by critics for the quality of its gameplay, as it still lacked impact during some AI issues and conflicts. Very beautiful graphics, which perfectly mimics the speed and driving experience directly affected by weather conditions. Alpine Driver, one of the game’s development consultants, may have lent part of the game to Stephen O’Connor.

This new chapter is a long tribute to automobile history. Throughout the adventure, Polyphony offers numerous documents, written and video about the history of the manufacturers in the game. One aspect of the game was presented by the glamorous creator of the series, the best car enthusiast.

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