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The ban on Dictoc download has been blocked by a second judge

The ban on Dictoc download has been blocked by a second judge

A second federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to ban dictatorial downloads in the United States, underlining the Trump administration’s legal options to pursue a transparent ban on popular use.

On Monday, Carl Nichols, a U.S. district court judge in Washington, D.C., issued a preliminary injunction restraining the Department of Commerce from enforcing restrictions on dictatorship, which would have banned its use in the United States.

Judge Nichols said the government’s ban may have violated its powers under the International Emergency Economic Jurisdiction Act, calling the move arbitrary and capricious.

Following Judge Nicholas’ October ruling, Dictoc creators argued in Pennsylvania that the ban would deprive them of their income and the ability to express themselves. The judge in that case, Wendy Beatlestone, restrained the restraints on Oct. 30.

The Department of Commerce was set up on November 12 to prevent U.S. companies from conducting transactions with Dicto, including hosting company data and providing company content, which would have disabled the application in the United States.

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