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The agent is looking for a team in Italy and abroad

The agent is looking for a team in Italy and abroad

Roma – The first three days of Jose Mourinho ‘s new Rome retreat were certainly not a big one Point Pedro Rodriguez. Last Thursday, the Giorgosi ​​club confirmed their intention to release the Spanish striker by not inviting him to the new season’s rally. Point Pedro is not found in Tricoria, and in about ten days he will be invited to start working with other unwanted people, unless he finds a group to marry. There are many reasons why Roma chose to lose themselves to former Chelsea. Decide first Mourinho: Before coming to a consensus conclusion with Chelsea, the coach was the Puntarenas coach at the start of the 2015-2016 season. Four months together the feeling blossomed (he always played as a starter), but not enough to allow the six years that Spinard was confirmed in the new Special One adventure in the capital. Another reason to say goodbye is the player’s high salary: iOn July 28, Point Pedro turns 34, And in the sustainability plan studied by Pinto and Brightkin, its total of 4.2 million per season (thanks to the Growth Order) is overweight in the Kilorsey treasures. Especially for a player who has lost expectations this season.

After the holidays Pedro received communication from Roma: Call to exit the team list and search for a new team. His agent is on the job, but there are currently no definite offers. It has received some referendums Spain: Valencia, Betis Sevilla and Real Sociedad have asked for information, but are currently not going further. The lead path is not set Qatar (He had requests last summer) and the one he brings In the states United. Roma wants to put him inside Italy To avoid paying last season’s taxes, thank you for the discount on the growth order. Reflects what Point Pedro does, Frustrated about saying goodbye to Rome and having many doubts about his future. There is only one certainty: his adventure in Kilorosis is now over.

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