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Salaire-fiche de paie-UNE

The 3.5% revaluation becomes the crux of the matter

The dissolution of the symbolic point becomes concrete. A draft decree for a 3.5% revaluation from July 1 is in circulation, two days before it is tabled in the Council of Ministers. On June 28, during the wage conference, notice was issued to unions and public employers.

On a concrete basis, the minimum salary (increased index 352) will be increased to 1,707.21 euros per month (compared to 1,649.48 euros at present) and 20,486.54 euros per year (compared to 19,793.77 euros at present).

At the top of the grid (increased index number 830), it has been increased to 4,025.53 euros monthly (compared to 3,889.40 euros currently) and 48,306.33 euros annually (compared to 46,672.81 euros currently). The “out-of-scale” value G is constant for its region …

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