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Thanks to this practical clever trick the house will no longer stink and stink

Thanks to this practical clever trick the house will no longer stink and stink

Some do not realize it, others are very sensitive: for the latter the stench around the house can be a real torture. On the other hand, no one wants to go home after a long day’s work and be greeted by an uninvited scent.

Of course, we can certainly solve it by looking for its source and removing it. But once we solve this problem, we will see that we are struggling with the remaining odors.

But we do not have to despair, doing this quick and easy little clever trick. So let’s see together how not to stink and stink in the house again thanks to this practical clever trick.

What to use to make the house smell

Perfumes and air fresheners are a great solution, we find different essences and costs. Instead, it may be more enjoyable to use products that are directly supplied by the nature around us. Some take advantage of the properties of orange or some fresh or dried fruit Mandarins; Others prefer fragrances derived from certain aromatic herbs, such as thyme, lavender, and the like.

In this article we will focus on what is used in the form of essential oils and in combination with some common ingredients.

In fact, we often and willingly throw away small parts of items that can be found in every home and without knowing their true value.

Thanks to this practical clever trick the house will no longer stink and stink

We are talking about earthenware in terracotta, which is easily available when breaking a mug at home.

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Breaking a mug is never viewed with pleasure, but basically it’s all a matter of perspective. Instead of throwing the pieces in the trash, think of reusing them to help keep our home more welcoming and fragrant. Once we have rounded the sharp corners, we can use the pieces just like we use wooden balls to smell the wardrobe and clothes. Thanks to the microscopic properties of this substance, the fragrance can enrich the pores, thus making it a wonderful deodorant. The result will be truly amazing, thus allowing you to get a clean and fragrant home without spending a single euro.


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