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Thank you for downloading my song!  - iTunes success for Far North musician

Thank you for downloading my song! – iTunes success for Far North musician

Mickey Henderson is making a big impact on the iTunes charts. Image: John Bikey

A sitcom singer / songwriter who reached number two on the iTunes Country Music Charts has hit the right note with his second single.

Now Is Time, written by Mickey Henderson of Keys, peaked at number 46 on the iTunes singles chart and lost the top 40 slots, but surpassed the likes of Sam Smith, Kylie, Van Morrison and Drake. And Ava Max.

The 26-year-old, who quit his career as a systems engineer in the defense sector to pursue his dream of becoming a musician, is shocked by his success.

“I can not believe it,” he said. “I want to thank every single person who downloaded the song. It’s more than I can put into words.”

Mickey’s goal for Now Is Time, released last Friday, is to surpass the chart of his debut single If Only, which was ranked 71st on the Country Music charts.

The musician – award-winning Gaelic singer – is gaining a large following with fans in the North and far away in Australia, Canada and the United States.

“The song is so simple – it’s about your loved one coming home at the end of the day,” Mickey said, describing the release as “an attractive chorus with a combination of classic guitar solos and hooks”.

He hoped to spend the 2020 Games at festivals across the country and in Europe, but they were canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Mickey made good use of the useless time and wrote the follow-up material. Covid-19 was unable to re-enter the studio due to limitations, but rehearsed with his band and hopes to record again “when things get a little lighter”.

Mickey Henderson's new release, Now Is the Time.
Mickey Henderson’s new release, Now Is the Time.

He said: “It doesn’t matter how volatile the industry is, it’s not about the coronavirus, I’m spent a lot of time thinking about how realistically I can rely on music.

“The songs I wrote were escapism from Kovid. I put them in a completely different place and I forgot about everything that was going to happen.”

His success with the single lifted his mood. Mickey added: “It definitely picked up my spirits and gave me a kick in the right direction.”

Mickey led the local band The Chicken Pickers in June 2019 with a reunion show that sold out in the Vic Assembly rooms. Addie Harper, who was first taught by the keyboard, attributed much of his musical success to the JNR influence. Nationally renowned musician and instructor.

Mickey has starred in the Adidas band on several occasions and toured the UK with Manson Grant and Dynamos and The Country Side of Brandon McPhee.

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