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Tetris: This technique will allow you to beat all world records

Tetris: This technique will allow you to beat all world records

Players have developed a new technique that is already revolutionizing the competition around Tetris.

Tetris Although it’s a game for over 30s, it is constantly updating itself, and with this new technique the evidence is making the web panic. Some players seem to have overcome the NES controller, one of the main difficulties of Tetris matches. This is tough and very difficult to handle compared to the modern controllers we are used to.

That’s why players always find ways to improve their performance by developing complex techniques, or at least trying. After hypertoping, a new technique is used, which involves pressing the direction keys very quickly and rolling, sliding your fingers over the pad keys very quickly, which is a game converter.

Tapping, a real “Game changer”

Used for the first time in the competition in mid-April, this technique is much easier in its realization than the one mentioned above. This includes quick tapping on the back of the NES controller, which has the effect of making an average of 20 movements per second.

Thanks to this technique, Jonas Newbour was able to reach the world record of 300,000 points in 1 minute 57 seconds. In the process, he also managed to break the speed record for 100 lines. So this tapping technique is undoubtedly one “Game changer” More and more Tetris players are using it. You have to see how fast the players will be in the first place because the players will never find all the tricks that can be done fast. Tetris is not finished rediscovering itself, there may be some more surprises for you.

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