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Test zu Let's Sing 2022 - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test zu Let’s Sing 2022 – Nintendo Switch – ntower

I admit: Singing has never been my strength. But my dear colleagues in Endeavor want to help me overcome this weakness. What could be better than using my second biggest passion to exercise? Fortunately, with Lets Singh 2022, the Nintendo Switch offers the perfect kind of game to show that I’re the next Grammy winner. Let’s look at the karaoke track in more detail.

Singing alone is fun …

© Volksler

Anyone who has played other Lets Singh games will not be surprised to see the latest episode. Again this time there is a selection of well known songs that you can sing. In addition to the USB microphone, you also have the opportunity to play your smartphone. Connection is much easier when both devices use the same network. Once you have selected your song, the music video will start. The text of the song will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, indicating the current word. The bars are displayed in the middle. It is your job to beat them with your voice. In addition to the words, the height of your voice is also recorded. The better you hit the notes, the more points you get. Surprisingly, there is also an amplifier. Some blocks are highlighted and give a particularly high number of points.

Upon completion of the song, your performance will be evaluated. In addition to the meeting of the blocks, the gold notes are recorded separately. If you are the best, you will get more points in the “Perfect Singing” category. Collected points are assigned to your character. The more you sing, the faster and higher your rank will rise. Songs are rated with various difficulties and get more points when they are completed successfully. Before we get into each mode, here’s a list of songs added to the game.

  • Gluso – Dance
  • Die Totten Hossain – Party in the rain
  • Elif – Double life
  • Joris – Welcome Goodbye
  • LEA – Stairs
  • Mark Forster x VIZE – How are you?
  • Max Keasinger – When she dances
  • Nico Santos – Roof
  • Pietro Lombardi – Cinderella
  • Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and the Giants – Hypnotism
  • Aladdin of Disney – Prince Ali
  • Sarah Lombardy – I Love You My Love
  • Seat – Hale-pop
  • Stereo record. Kerstin Ott – Always smiling
  • Vincent Weiss – A miracle
  • Descendants – beautiful fly (for a white boy)
  • Billy Elish – All I Wanted
  • Joel Cory x MNEK – Head & Heart
  • Backstreet Boys – Everyone (Backstreets Pack)
  • Ofenbach & Quarterhead record. Norma Jean Martin – Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • Come on! – Last Christmas
  • Title & A7S – Breaks Me
  • Lady Gaga – stupid love
  • Jax Jones record. Ray – You don’t know me
  • David Gutta & Sia – We will love
  • Rock’s Bone Man – Man
  • Calvin Harris record. Rock ‘n Phone Man – Giant
  • Imagine dragons – the worst liar
  • Ava Max – Kings & Queens
  • Amy Winehouse – Black again
  • Nathan Evans (220 KID x Billen Ted Remix) – Wellerman (Sea Shanty)
  • Madcon record. Ray Dalton – Do not worry
  • Master Kage Achievement. Nomcebo – Jerusalem
  • Joe Weiss – Control
  • David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes
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These songs are also available as a free DLC:

  • Haryana Grande – Positions
  • Jason Terrulo & Javsh 685 – Barbaric Love (Locked – Siren Beat)
  • Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber – Monster
  • Aladdin – a whole new world
  • Xia – Snowman
  • Bruno Mars, Anderson .Bok, Silk Sonic – Leave the Door Open
  • White Lines – Seven Nation Army
  • Debach Mode – Enjoy the silence
  • Crazy Town – Butterfly
  • P! Nk – What about us

A total of seven different modes are waiting for you. Up to four people can sing classic songs in “Classic”. If you are singing a song for the first time, it will be added to the jukebox. You have the opportunity to watch a music video without doing anything – however, it does not seem to be special these days on YouTube. In “Achievement” you can sing with star-like AI or with a friend. The game records how high your compatibility is, i.e. how similar your singing is. “Mixstep” offers sections of different songs that you can sing with up to three people. You can choose from a variety of playlists, such as male or female voices or German songs. After each section, your performance will be evaluated so that you can see which songs are best for you.

… but together it is still entertaining.

© Volksler

If you are going out in a large group, “Let’s Party” is your game mode. Here the two teams compete against each other. Each group uses a microphone. You will engage in various tasks to bring the opposing team to its knees. Basically everything revolves around singing as flawlessly as possible. Up to eight people can participate at once. The exact opposite is again the “Legend” mode. This single player mode offers unique tasks and you get stars to unlock challenges. For example, the first task is to collect as many notes as possible. A total of 16 different characters expect you to master their challenges.

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The last method is specifically designed for professional singers. Compete online with other players to climb to the top of the rankings. In addition to random enemies, you can compete against friends. However, since none of my friends have the game, I could not watch it. Lets Singh 2022 also has some sub menus. So you can create your own playlists or view stats. If the selection of songs included in the game is not enough, the title also offers extra paid content in the form of new songs that can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop.