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Test zu Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test zu Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story – Nintendo Switch – ntower

In the past, many players were mainly associated with the well-known MOBA and the highly toxic community known as the League of Legends. That has changed with the “Arcane” series and the recently released Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. Publisher Riot Forge has set a goal of accommodating a well-known brand in a variety of genres, which has worked well in the case of the already destroyed King. Now Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, another topic happening in the Runeterra universe. However, here we are not dealing with an RPG, but with a rhythm game. Of the following, we would like to take a closer look at whether the second Riyadh Forge title can also be trusted.

The right time is always important here.

© Rebellion Porge

Hextech Mayhem does not come with a particularly deep storyline, which is why we will touch on it briefly here: you slip into the role of Yordil Jigs, who is known for his expertise in bombs, explosions and all. Types of hextech- gadgets. His goal is to wreak havoc in the city of Bildover using bombs and other explosives. Scientist Heimertinger does not like it, so he tries to stop Jigsaw. The basic storyline is just what it really needs in Hextech Mayhem, because the game lives by its weird and crazy protagonists and real gameplay.

As part of the campaign you go through several levels in which the jigsaw can automatically run from left to right and reach the end of the level. In Classic Rhythm Game mode, inserts appear when Jigsaw presses a specific button on your gamepad. If you do this, it jumps on different yards, throws bombs or makes a kind of pulsating attack. Over the course of the game, Jigsaw’s set of possible actions expands further and further, teaching you your new tricks until you feel confident enough with a training sequence. Meanwhile, the colorful soundtrack in the background continues to play, with the rhythm you have to press the buttons at the end. Ideally, it allows music and game interactions to “guess” music-based entries in sync with each other and execute them more intuitively. In principle, Hextech Mayhem succeeds in this achievement – but not always. The main problem with the game is its sometimes very colorful and luxurious look and a lot going on on the screen. An entry is easily overlooked by someone or simply drowned and distracted by multiple explosions and color effects, and then runs into an obstacle or an enemy trying to breathe your virtual life. However, a collision does not automatically lead to miscarriage, instead the game world turns gray and the jigs continue, actively interfering with the game again by pressing the next button at the right time. This means you will actually always reach the end of the level, especially early and patient and talented players will not be immediately frustrated.

With all the effects and explosions, the overview can quickly go flute.

© Rebellion Porge

But why try to complete the respective position as error-free as possible? Here the developers have developed a small catering mechanism. To start a new position you need a certain amount of gear that you can take anywhere, and the jigs only catch if you avoid big mistakes. So you will be encouraged to improve your performance again and again. At every few levels there is an boss fight with Heimertinger, who comes your way and tries to block your progress with various inventions. Boss fights offer different types of gameplay policy and relax the process, but are not particularly challenging. When you finish the game, you will open the new Mayhem mode, which will motivate you to stay away from the buttons given to reveal new secrets and interact with the game world. However, overall, it works worse than it should and the already confusing game becomes even more so. The replay value is slightly increased, so you can get the campaign after a few hours. If you really try to complete all the levels correctly or as flawlessly as possible, you may be busy for up to 15 hours.

What is the soundtrack of the game that is central to this genre? Individual tracks are seen as lively and, above all, rocky. Music has always been able to direct me, even if it’s not a masterpiece, at least I loved it. My tip: Listen to the game soundtrack on Spotify because you will love it. As for the graphics, it has already been mentioned that the game is very colorful and brightly colored. So personal levels sometimes seem almost burdensome, something explodes everywhere, enemies are standing around, gears are flashing and flashing – you just have to like it. Practice is also the main character of the game. Jigs is voiced by the same vocalist who gave voice to the League of Legends, and he does a great job of giving madness and chaos to Yord. However, Jigs often laughs insanely and utters bad words about explosions – it can hurt one or the other’s nerves after a while, but personally I found it funny. The controls were better implemented and Jigs responded without delay to every entry coming from me.

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