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Der neueste TyreSystem-Testreport steht unter zum kostenlosen Herunterladen bereit (Bild: RSU/TyreSystem)

“Test Report Winter 2021” can be called on the tire system platform

RSU GmbH recently got the current “Test Report Winter 2021” available for download via its online wholesale site Tyrsy System. According to the company, it aims to provide tire dealers, car dealers and car dealerships with a “quick and hassle-free overview of the average test ratings of currently tested winter and all-season tires”. This saves the reader from comparing personal test reports, which are described as time consuming and can instead be said to focus entirely on his seasonal business. To calculate test standards, the provider uses its database with over 10,000 official personal test reports, for example ADAC, Stiftung Warentest, Autobilt And many more. The ranking list for tire brands, winter tires and all-season tires was created from this so readers can see which brands and profiles came out on top in the tire tests. In addition, additional details about personal assessments and placements in the respective trials should be found in the last chapter of the overview. Cm

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