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Tencent acquires 22% of Blooper team, editor of The Medium –

Tencent has acquired a 22% stake in Polish developer Blooper, according to Nico Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed. The investment is $ 19.5 million and makes the Chinese company the largest of the external shareholders. The Blooper team has released games such as The Medium and Player Witch.

The Blooper Group recently signed partnership agreements with Konami and Tag-Doo. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the projects in development and especially the details of the collaboration between the Polish team and two large video game companies. However, Konami had said that the developers would be free. This investment by Tencent confirms this thinking.

Medium: A double scene from the game

Tencent is very active in gaming investments. Sumo, for example, bought the group for $ 1.3 billion, opening new offices in Los Angeles to accelerate its growth in the West.

However, at the same time, it has lost $ 60 billion: China is tightening its grip on more and more games and the restrictions make it harder to monetize some games.

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