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Technical preferences of European advertisers Open RAN. Download the document

Technical preferences of European advertisers Open RAN. Download the document

The document, produced by the advertisers of European Open Ron Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone, Orange and Telephonica, includes DIM.

The priorities and technical specifications of the European Open Ron have been set, as a result of a memorandum signed by four leading carriers: Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone, Orange and Telephonica, which later added DIM. The document setting out the technical priorities of the Open RAN contains a list of technical requirements and credible views that the signatories of the document consider as priorities for the development of this solution, which is central to the birth of the ecosystem of European startups linked to 5G.

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About six months ago, four big names in the European DLC decided to join forces to stimulate the growth of open RAN. The purpose is to determine priorities and to formulate an action plan within six months.

Implementing large-scale open RAN solutions on networks by 2022 is also one of the priorities.

Today, the document is fully released

“When we think about turning open RAN standards into business realities, it becomes clear that we need to avoid being fragmented.”he said Yako Tenorio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DIP. “This open RAN technology preferences sheet will enable a variety of vendors to build products more efficiently, thereby increasing latency and providing operators with what they need to build their networks on the basis of minimal variance. Such organizations have a key role to play in this process. ”

Interestingly, one of the key components of the document is the use of RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) technology, which provides advanced control capabilities so as to provide greater performance and better management of radio resources. Last week Vodafone showed a 5G RIC solution at a multi-vendor OpenRon test site, doubling the capabilities achieved using traditional MIMO.

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To date, DIM, along with JMA, only has a live OpenRon network, which was announced at Fensa in late April. In the end, while these technical priorities are no real surprises on paper, it is still an important step in creating an integrated and standardized open RAN ecosystem. The action plan for open RAN is expected from those who signed the memorandum in the coming months.

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