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TechN brings the full cover water coolers made of copper

TechN brings the full cover water coolers made of copper

of Valentine Chatler
TechN, a young company based in Berlin, has provided full cover water coolers for AMD’s Radeon RX6800, RX6800XD and RX6900XD using nickel-plated copper. In addition, an updated version of the AM4 CPU cooler was provided, which also uses nickel-plated copper.

Berlin-based TechN has introduced its first water cooler for Radeon graphics cards. The TechN GPU Waterblock RX 6800 (XT) / 6900XT Targeting these three Radeon graphics cards, the company, for the first time, relied on unbound copper on the back of a card made by POM.

TechN cooler for RX 6000 and AM4

The full cover water cooler measures 272mm in length and weighs 1070 grams and is targeted at all reference designs of the Radeon RX6800, RX6800XD and RX6900XT. TechN is there though A compatibility list, But it only lists the reference designs of the group partners. Water coolers should also have space on graphics cards with custom air conditioners, which are based on the PCB reference.

TechN’s first radian cooler uses nickel-plated copper.

What: Tech.N.

TechN GPU Water Black RX6800 (XD) / 6900 XD is currently only available directly on Manufacturers are offered for sale – Delivery will begin on July 19th. 137 euros required, including tax, Optional backlink Offered for an additional 35 euros. TechN did not provide any prototype temperature measurements, but the cold was already there Current version of PCGH Compared to test and other full cover water coolers.

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In addition to the new GPU Water Black, TechN also has a second variant Of the AM4 air conditioner delivered in 2020 Announced. Like the previous version, the new AM4 air conditioner is also available in black or silver housing Then it costs 95 euros. For the older, nickel-plated version, 100 euros is required.

There is also a newer version of AM4 Cooler.

There is also a newer version of AM4 Cooler.

What: Tech.N.

They are: Tech.N. Via Computer based

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