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Copilot: GitHub schickt neuen KI-Assistenten zum Programmieren in die Technical Preview

GitHub sends new AI wizard for programming in Technology Preview ›Dr. Windows

Although parent company Microsoft has long had an AI-based extension to its portfolio with Intelligode for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, its own subsidiary GidHub now follows suit with its own assistant. GitHub Copilot, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, is now available in a Technology Preview.

Initially, the programming languages ​​TypeScript, JavaScript, CO, Python and Ruby were particularly supported, but in principle Copilot could handle a much wider range of configurations and languages. The new wizard is available in GitHub code and via the extension for Visual Studio code. It is powered by the new Codex AI system, developed by OpenAI.

If you want a new offer as a developer, you can Here Sign up for the Technology Preview. GitHub offers a detailed set of questions here.

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Kevin Kozusek

Kevin Kozusek

I have been in close contact with Microsoft since 1999, but my heart beats to the open source world where the Mozilla Foundation is of particular interest to me. Whenever I do not deal with technology, I like to immerse myself in Japanese culture with all its features or dedicate one of my many hobbies.

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