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Team Viewer: AR Video Calls Thanks to lifeAR |  Highs online

Team Viewer: AR Video Calls Thanks to lifeAR | Highs online

Team Viewer has introduced a new application: With LifeR, the company wants to turn ordinary video calls into enhanced reality experiences. The LifeAR app is designed for private users and is available on iOS and Android devices, the company announced on Thursday. It offers its users a variety of options for capturing annotations, notes, emojis and AR tags in normal video calls. The latter is particularly interesting because AR labels remain in their set position even when the camera is away from location.

With LifeAR, up to six users can participate in a video call. You can record a video call, pause the video to take screen shots, and share the generated files directly on social channels.

The technology behind LifeR is part of the Enterprise AR solution from Team Viewer, which is already being used by companies across a variety of industries. “We are confident that this will also move our AR product project map for companies forward,” says Hendrik Witt, CEO of Team Viewer.

By: Team Viewer recently set up a new Team Viewer Skills Center for 3D visualization, mixed reality for AR and MR, which arose in Munich start-up Viscopic.

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