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Team Sonic Racing System Full Version Game Free Download

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Team Sonic Racing includes elements of the gallery and hostile design, you face friends in multiplayer 23, auto racing. Race and total activity with each other. Take charge of your competing style- Choose from 3 unique personality designs and unlock auto customization options to suit your competing style.

Gear up Speed ​​up.

Key Features:

Online Multiplayer & Local Go –

– 12 gamers per race, 4 gamer split display, as well as several offline / online race systems such as Op Mots, Grand Prix mode, exhibition mode-time and trial. Team Adventure Mode & &

Team betting Performance- Skin customization
Appearance and Manipulation of Your Truck Change- 14 Awesome Attack and Defense Things to help and win winning teams!

Whispers as well

Record mode Different characters- 15 personalities that can be used from all over the genre

As well as 3 different personality types with the Sonic Universe, Speed ​​and Technique. Power System DemandPrevious article
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