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Take-Two removes mods from older episodes because they "damage the game economy" -

Take-Two removes mods from older episodes because they “damage the game economy” –

Last month, Take-Two tapped a string The method of the old GTAs, “GTA Underground” (which combines maps of various GTAs with Canis Mine Edit and Manhunt) and GTA, such as Katakas’ AI-upscled HD Mod for San Andreas. During a recent meeting with investors, Tag-do CEO Strauss-Kahn commented on the matter, explaining that one reason was Mots. Gaming will damage the economy.

In particular, Zelnik said: “We’re a little bit Flexible, But Mots should get rid of us if the game damages the economy or if there is improper behavior. “However, it is difficult to understand how this type of mods can be a problem for GTA and Tag-two, especially when it comes to system overhead mode.

GTA San Andreas

We are not talking about GDA5, we are talking about mods from old chapters. Talking about single player games does not hurt the domestic economy. Also, The Mod This is often one of the reasons why some games continue to sell after so many years: of course most players do not buy GDA San Andreas nowadays to play the Vanilla version again.

However, for now, this is the report Pick two. If a mod, in the company’s view, creates some kind of problem, the removal will be immediate. We also point out that GTA 5 has sold over 150 million copies and 350 million copies.

If you are interested in GTA 6, the announcement of a new rumor will be with the map of London in 2024.