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Switch version postponed one day after the announcement -

Switch version postponed one day after the announcement –

As we announced, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance Is back on consoles with a redesigned version that takes the game to 4K. The game is available on Interplay Entertainment and Black Isle Studios on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That should have come out too Nintendo Switch, But the developers were forced To put off Some days game due to unexpected problem.

As you can see for yourself in the tweet below, Black Isle Studios ”for a reason The problem Unexpectedly at the Nintendo Switch store, the team is forced to postpone for a few days the launch of Baltur’s Gate Dark Alliance to fix it. , Thank the fans for their patience and attach a picture of Mario with a sad face.

Baltur’s Gate Dark Alliance will come later Nintendo Switch Next week. If additional problems arise, it should be delayed by a few days, so nothing big. The game costs 29.99 euros and we remind you that it does not offer new content compared to the original version.

In 2021, Baltur’s Gate Dark Alliance will be available on PC and mobile. Trailer and game pictures can be found in our exclusive news.

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