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Switch from Iliad to Ho Mobile. Implementation is (almost) free

Pass issued by Iliad to Ho Mobile

Switching from Iliad to Ho Mobile. The most trendy theme of these hours or since the introduction of the new offer by Iliad, the fourth Italian mobile operator Iliad Giga120. Many users, already customers of the fourth mobile operator, have changed their noses a little in the face of not being able to have more shows by doing Floor change (Iliad opportunities have not yet been offered). Many people switch to ho mobile are driven mainly by two factors.

Switch from Iliad to Ho Mobile for only 99 cents. See the offer by clicking here

First, of course, the possibility, Switching from Iliad to Ho Mobile the new Ho SIM is almost free. Since the implementation and shipping cost are actually indexed, we can almost say: Separate 99 percent. That’s right, by choosing to bring your number from Iliad to Ho Mobile you will only spend 99 cents to activate. Even the phone plan reserved by Ho Mobile for Iliad customers, the second factor we have taken into account is really appetizing: 100 gigabytes of navigation on 4G, with unlimited minutes and text messages, for only 99 7.99 per month.

The most generous payment woman, apparently on the Vodafone network. But as we said the most compelling are the ridiculous implementation costs. 99 cents to make Ho Mobile’s current offering fit into the triangle.

Mega Offer Ho Mobile for Iliad customers

How does it work?

In fact, you can request the portability of your mobile number using the links on this page, which means a special offer for those switching from Iliad to Ho Mobile. Once you bring your number (a very simple process that takes about 3 working days) you will be a full customer of P-Brand Howe. At that point, you can return to the Iliad by selecting 120 Giga as a ratio. In short, a very labor-intensive project change compared to a normal rate change but possible and very convenient in all respects. So in a nutshell, you start from Iliad, you go to Ho Mobile (99 cents + 1 month phone plan pays 7.99 euros), at that time you decide how and when to return to Iliad by selecting Iliad Giga 120. Easy.

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From Iliad to Ho Mobile. Go to the site

This is the only limit time back and forth. There are a few more, but keep in mind that the Iliad Giga 120 has a deadline as a “flash” offer. It can only be implemented until June 30, 2021, after which no one will know. If that’s the rate you aim for, it’s a good idea to rush with a double pass.

However, there is nothing stopping customers from staying with Ho Mobile for a while, however, keep in mind that the special rate for customers who can switch from Iliad is only 4G. This low-cost brand from Model Operandi from Vodafone with 4G somewhat limited by the usual terms: 30 Mbps download. In short, fast internet but definitely not surprising.

The change of plan is certainly a major shortcoming of the current Elliott offer. At this point the manager does not consider it very important for his own development. In addition to the new offers, Iliad focuses more on coverage implementations. On that front, really big improvements have been made. Today the Iliad has more than 7500 mobile platforms under its belt. In simple terms, it represents one-third of the total technological autonomy from Windray to the Internet traffic that can already be sent over the proprietary network. This is in line with the high standards for customers, but a great savings for the mobile operator who have to pay less and less money to WinTrake to rent infrastructure.

Are you one of the customers who is thinking of switching from Iliad to Home Mobile using an almost free switch from Vodafone for a low fee? Have you ever made the double transition to return to more favorable situations with your manager? Tell us about your experience below, in the comment space Or by subscribing to the telegraph channel.

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