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Surprisingly, the game is available for free to Gold members

[MAJ le 02/08 à 21h03] Having said that, it was immediately withdrawn! According to multiple player feedback, the game will no longer launch and display an error message, which is a trial version if you do not own it. There seems to be a problem with the language error. You can’t win every time!

The Microsoft Store is sometimes full of welcome shortcomings for gamers. Here are some examples of where you can find unannounced ads or free games fast. This time, it is the second type in question. In fact, the Ultimate Evil version Diablo iii Appears for free to Gold members in the Microsoft Store. This information was released through the Twitter account yesterday:

After checking, we were able to download and play the title without any worries. An interest, because this game does not appear in the list of topics provided this month or in the games of the Free Game Days program. The version includes all the content available in the game to date, including an extension of the Necromancer class. Stranger is still useless from the gold note once the title is installed or appears in native games. So, it’s hard to estimate whether he should be withdrawn, but the situation is fun to say the least. Further, In view of the current press surrounding Activision-Blizzard, Every publisher’s action is in focus. Each of you can decide if you want to get the title or not.

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