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Strong performance against Rhine-Necker Lowen: Fuchs Berlin in European Cup final - Sport

Strong performance against Rhine-Necker Lowen: Fuchs Berlin in European Cup final – Sport

It was a little rubbing eye. When Hans Lindbergh took his first seven-meter dash in the semi-finals of the European League final four in the 16th minute, the game advertisement already announced that Fox had a seven-goal lead. Seconds later, the senior shifted his chin with the elevator, even eight. It was not clear, but in the end the Berliners won against Rhine-Necker Lowen 35:32 (19:16), thus securing a ticket to the final.

At their seventh European final since 2012, Fuchs wanted to experience an sometimes disappointing season with a trophy, as sports director Stephen Gretchmar insisted. “This is not only an opportunity to straighten things out, but to win a title and write yourself in the history books,” the former leftist celebrated for his part, almost 20 years ago with his first big win: the championship with SC Macbeth.

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The SCM had already advanced to the first semifinals and won 30:29 after a fierce battle against the only non-German representative of the Wisla Black competition in Poland.

Now it’s time to catch the foxes – they didn’t take long to listen. After a good eight-minute game, the Berliners were already leading the hosts 6: 3, and the trend is increasing. Although coach Jaron Seaward’s fears have been confirmed.

The lions mobilized everything possible. With the exception of Romain Lagarde and Lucas Nilsson, two German nationals, Janic Colbacher and Uwe Kensheimer, have rejoined the squad, leaving Mannheimers with some of their best performers.

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However, the Berlin coach may not have been ready for an event: the Baton-based company hired Kim Ektol du Riets for extra support in a short announcement.

Foxes have dominated from the beginning

Native Sweden could not do miracles in his old and now new workplace. As seen recently, the Lions game seemed to be very turbulent, while the Berliners, building aggressive defenses, dominated from the start.

It was at least a success for Fuchs in the attack – at least in the early stages a superb Los Anderson put almost every ball towards the goal.

But then the hosts entered the game, arriving at 13:15, three minutes before the break. Suddenly the game reopened. In the end, however, the foxes made fewer mistakes overall, thus retaining the upper hand. The next phase is to be followed against Macbeth this Sunday (8.30pm). It can be like asking for a game that shows who will write himself in the history books.