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Stray: (Best) Notes from English-Speaking Journals

Stray: (Best) Notes from English-Speaking Journals

It was hard to know what to expect go astray, Montpellier’s first game BlueTwelve Studio. A boring life simulator with a playable cat or a discovery adventure in a futuristic world? The answer is now available with the first feedback from specialist journals.

enjoy, go astray Success for many! It is currently displayed A good average of 84/100 Metacritic Thanks for the first tips from journalists Seduced by its technical qualities despite its independent approach. A combination of entertaining free study passages with clever puzzle and brainstorming visuals. game Mostly original, woven into a gripping universe and captivating story, it makes a nugget to watch for fans of all independent productions. And if the lifetime of experience is close 4-5 hours, it looks original in every way, some would like to have more. Rare players on the other hand criticize him for his jack-of-all-trades, which prevents him from offering high-quality gaming systems.

go astray It will be available on PC on July 19 SteamPS4 and PS5, and it will be added to the subscription at launch PlayStation Plus Extras at €13.99 per month or €99.99 per year.

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