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Starfield has more conversations than Skyrim and Fallout 4, 300 cast and Japanese translation –

Starfield During the Xbox event at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the well-known presenter quickly appeared beyond the trailer without appearing in new scenes. Translated into Japanese And who should More conversation from Skyrim and Fallout 4.

In addition to showing some footage of the regular E3 2021 presentation Todd Howard Starfield offers extensive support to the Japanese public, so there is “complete localization” for all texts and conversations.

It is not clear whether we mean something by this Dubbing In Japanese, but it may be a testament to how serious Bethesda is with her desire to present her new space package to the Japanese people.

However, the translation goes beyond the question of what is particularly interesting Text mass Conversation: Howard noted that this is “over 150,000 dialogue lines”, which makes it a huge game, at least in terms of exchange and exchange with NPCs and others. In this regard, dubbing includes approx 300 actors.

By comparison, Fallout 4 had 111,000 lines of dialogue, as Nibble announced on Twitter, while Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim had about 60,000 conversations. Obviously this does not necessarily translate into a Large size Game of Thrones, but there may be a large number of transactions and interactions with NPCs during or after the game.

The Scarlett Nexus and AI: The Somnium files are available on the Xbox Game Boss in Japan, while we saw three trailers last summer at Starfield, showing some of the places to visit in the game.