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100% Xbox exclusive Starfield, confirmation comes from the most reliable sources - Nert 4.Life

Starfield has been ready since last September, says a streamer that will be released in 2021 –

Starfield There is Early Since last September e Will be released in 2021According to reports from Luke Stephens, Streamer and YouTube on Twitter, he is said to have spoken to people close to the project.

TheoriesExit The reality of the game is contradictory: according to Jeff Group Starfield coming in 2022, but it is also true that many insiders have often talked about a startup 2021.

“Starfield has been in practice since last September, and Bethesda Introduced on its platform last year it refined and polished The next generationStephens wrote in his post.

“As I was told, the developers are trying to introduce Pallwood 76 by offering a truly flawless game. It will be out this year and you will see.”

The ones announced by Luke Stephens are now on the growing long list Rumor The existence of Tom Cruise and various reports about whether it will be an Xbox and PC exclusive will attract around Starfield.

However, to find out the truth, we have to wait for Microsoft and Bethesda Summer Showcase to come togetherE3 2021.

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