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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S - is back in the news

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PS5 and Xbox Series X | S – is back in the news

While waiting to return to the matter on May 4th, the team announces technical upgrades to come on both machines, with the added bonus of a free upgrade for buyers of the original machine. An already updated title to use the two consoles’ own backward compatibility, especially the possibility of gaining an advantage Frame rate Very stable. In this regard, CallGestis Adventures benefits by reducing the validity by 70% on the Standard and Deluxe versions, which are valid for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Origin and Steam from April 28th to May 12th.

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Until then, fans of the owners will eventually be able to catch a “EA Star Wars Triple Bundle” that is up to 50% cheaper on Star Wars: Scratrans, Star Wars JD: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition, and Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition on the Xbox. The ad period, which runs from April 30 to May 11, applies to the PlayStation and PC with the epic game shop and Steam.

We refer you directly Star Wars Episode I: From Razor (-65%) to Two Couture, via Minecraft, for an overview of the good deals on other games in Saga, it’s time to remember that other Saga-related game projects are in video production, including one from Ubisoft and one of the massive hobbies.