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SSD support comes with the latest PS5 firmware update for beta •

SSD support comes with the latest PS5 firmware update for beta •

New M.2 SSD support, customization options and advanced social functionality are already available to beta testers in some regions.

The beta of the PlayStation 5 will receive the long-awaited M.2 SSD support and many features in its next firmware update.

According to a tweet from Japanese journalist Munechika Nishita, it seems that Sony’s new beta firmware is already available in some regions (thanks, Revealer) This includes the United States, Japan, Canada, France and Germany. As of yesterday, selected users notified by email were able to test new changes.

What improvements does the new update bring with it?

In addition to the implementation for the M.2 SSD slot, there is already the first Officially confirmed card from Seagate Sony has some more upgrades and functions in its luggage.

For example, improvements to the user experience and some customization options and enhanced announcements. The control center can now be further customized. The PS5 beta now also supports 3D audio for TV speakers and has slightly modified its social features.

You can write and view messages and customize your friends menu. A file tracker and the new file “Leader” take your cup game to the next level.

In addition, the game versions of the PS4 and PS5 titles are now split on the start page and new fonts have been added for editing screen shots.

The expansion of SSD memory should be a very interesting change for most PS5 owners, as the currently usable internal memory is about 667 GB. Sony recently shared the minimum requirements for all cards looking for space on the next generation console.

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Seagate has already introduced the first SSD that is officially compatible with Sony’s PS5. The Fireguda 530 is available in four sizes and costs from 150 to 1000 euros depending on capacity. The card meets Sony’s needs in every respect.