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Square Enix Presents

Square Enix Plant Egens Event

Nintendo has created its own brand with live events, which always creates exaggeration among fans when an event is announced. Now Square Enix will go in this direction and plan “presents” events.

The first “Square Enix Presents” event will take place on March 18 at 6:00 pm German time, scheduled for 40 minutes. More events are to follow during the year, all of which will be broadcast live on YouTube (more twitch).


However, unlike Nintendo, they are very open and have already revealed what we see. For example, there will be a new Life Is Strange, and you want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider. There will also be new games for Android and iOS. Anyway, we will follow the event.

Square Enix offers 2021

  • The world premiere of the next game in the critically acclaimed and award-winning LIFE IS STRANGE franchise
  • OUTRIDERS, the intense RPG shooter set in its own dark and exciting science fiction universe coming up on April 1st
  • BALAN WONDERWORLD, which will be released on March 26th
  • Celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the TOMB RAIDER
  • Marvelin Avengers, Das Storypassiard Third-Person-Achievement von Crystal Dynamics
  • Upcoming Action Sniper Mobile
  • New announcements of mobile titles from award-winning Studio Square Enix Montreal
  • Check out some games from Square Enix sister company Tito


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